A turn around my
depressingly bare garden.
Oh look there – blossom!


How bare it looks now,
Christmas decorations gone.
Thoughts of spring cleaning.

Such Joy

So the shelves are bare
how the sun shines,
the birds sing,
the flowers bloom;
such joy to share.

Stripped Bare

Bones stripped bare, bleached white,
beast slain by the riverside;
once mighty oak tree.

Green Shoots

Green shoots
appear along bare branches;
noticeable at last.

In My Absence

Here and there
the leaves still linger
but many trees are bare.
In my absence seasons alter.
Now returning, I discover
Winter’s in the air.

Winter Trees

Winter trees begin
to show bare simplicity
of form, unadorned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My Elfje version of this Haiku appears today to Simply Elfje. Click here to read it.


Ornamental Snail
Today I fetched in the garden ornaments
to protect them from the frost.
How bare the rockery looks.


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