my new
nest box. Off
to tell the wife.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
I’ve been galvanised into action by this blue-tit! In the garden border directly below the site of the nest box there was an azalea which had died. I left it there all last year in the vain hope that is might somehow not really be dead and show signs of new life. It didn’t; so I had to admit it needed to go. Aware that once there was a nest in the box above it might not be a good idea to risk disturbing the birds by gardening underneath it I decided now was a good time to dig it out, before the blue-tits finally took up residence. I have replaced it with an evergreen shrub that had self-set in another part of the garden. I just hope my actions haven’t put off the birds!


Second Bloom



Springtime azaleas
flowering in Autumn;
second bloom.

Too Late?

Late Azalea
Too late? Or perhaps
too early? Azalea
mistakes the season.

North Facing

Azalea blooms
blood-red, by north facing wall;
brightness in the shade.

Red Splashes

Bold red splashes of Azalea blossom
push through the Cotoneaster hedge
making a statement among
the drizzle of late ruby berries.

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