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Simply Elfje

Final cover version ‘Simply Elfje’ final cover.

Good News! My ‘Simply Elfje’ book of the blog is now available to purchase from Amazon. I have tweaked the colour of the cover a little and here is the revised version.

To buy a copy from Amazon UK please click here. It is also available from and in Europe.

There will eventually be an e-book version for Kindle, however I will be away now for a couple of weeks and have run out of time to do the conversion. I will do it on my return and hopefully it will be available in early May – watch this space.

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January Joy 25

Up, up and away;
daughter flying home today.
Joy that she came,
but sad now she’s gone.
Won’t see her again until May.

Weekend Away

Weekend away,
all wet and grey,
travelled back today;
no more to say.


Just wanted to let you know that I shall be off-line until about this time next week.

Off Line

No stone today, just a note that I will be away until the end of the month and will not have internet access. I shall try to continue with the January challenge in my notebook and will post a selection of the stones on my return at the beginning of February. I shall miss you all. Happy Stoning!

Busy Day

Busy day;
a lot to do
before I go away —

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We’re off to the boat again for a long weekend, with its attendant Internet access problems. I hope to have it covered but if I miss a post or two please accept my apologies.

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