Not an end to drought
but the ground has had a soak.
Lovely, lovely rain.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We have finally had a good rainfall overnight and all morning. Gentle rain that soaks in well and saves the need to water the garden for today at least. It has refilled my water butt. This is not the end of the drought though, rivers and reservoirs are still very low and hosepipe bans in place around the country, thankfully not where I live yet but I have been avoiding using the hose and only watering where necessary with waste water saved from the kitchen, using the watering can. The forecast is for another dry spell by the weekend. Still I am thankful for what we have, many areas have not had much at all for a long time.


The first runner beans
look ready for harvesting.
Dinner tomorrow.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
I am back from my week away so will post about in next time! In the meantime I have been checking the garden.


After intense heat
today it is bearable.
It might even rain!


Crack between paving slabs;
little viola takes advantage.
Nature's small victory.


Handful of hot days.
Now overcast and cloudy.
Typical summer.


My arm in plaster
on the back of the tandem.
Cool summer breeze; bliss.
Yesterday I went out for my first ride on the back on the tandem since we came home from the National Rally. The sun was quite warm, but it was cool when it disappeared behind clouds. My arm is quite uncomfortable when it is hot so I was glad of the cool breeze to cool me down. Roll on the next 10 days, when I hope the plaster will come off!

All Seasons

Continuing to share my contributions to the poetry group’s Platinum Jubilee Collection, this one is a Haiku sequence:

A Queen for All Seasons

Queen Elizabeth,
so young for such commitment.
The Spring of her life.

Summer days roll by.
Her bright smile illuminates
her life of duty.

An eventful life,
constant in adversity.
The trials of Autumn.

With longevity,
still radiant and smiling.
Winter unfolding.

Second of her name,
equal in strength and dignity.
Queen Elizabeth.


A pair of bluetits
scoping out the nesting box.
Will they or won't they?


Crocuses, snowdrops,
primroses and daffodils.
Delicate spring show.


Sheltering under
snowdrops, pale yellow faces
of shy primroses.

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