Time To Go

The leaves are turning;
time to go and find some sun,
holiday abroad!

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I seem to have got in a bit of a muddle with my posts this week, I’m having trouble keeping track of what day it is. This is mainly because we are off tomorrow (Saturday) for an extended trip through France to Spain and back. I shall therefore be taking a break from blogging until late November. I hope to catch up with you all then. Sadly I shall miss the progress of Autumn, which is a season I love. No doubt all the trees will be nearly bare by the time I return and life will be a mad rush to get ready for Christmas.



After a grey start
Summer shows her face, blown in
on a cool, fresh breeze.

Three Seasons

Three season’s weather
in the space of half a day.
Sun, wind, rain and hail.


Cold and wet weather.
What has happened to summer?
Still early August!

Bike Ride

At last a fine day.
Out for a bike ride to blow
the cobwebs away.


Tree full of cherries
stripped bare while I was away —
birds opportune feast!

Making Time

Very busy day.
I make time to sit outside
soaking up sunshine.

Beech Tree

The staunch old beech tree
grown too big, too near the house.
Sad to see it go.


Curled up by the fire
feeling sorry for myself,
nursing my cold.

Winter Birds

Holly with berry
Hungry winter birds
feasting on nature’s bounty:
red holly berries.

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