Another day of
grey skies and cool winds. Jackdaws
visit bird feeders.

Tai Chi

Relearning Tai Chi.
No class to go to now, so
book and video.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Some years ago I went to a Tai Chi class and loved it, but the class folded and I couldn't find another local class that taught the same style. I promised myself to continue to practise on my own but the good intentions eventually faded away. Now I am trying to relearn the short form from a book and Youtube video - It is gradually coming back to me, slowly! Maybe I'll still search for another class once I've got to grips with the basics again.


Trampled and broken
wayside daffodils rescued.
Sunshine in a vase.


Colour returning;
spring flowers and tree blossom.
Bird song rejoicing.


Night snow and strong winds.
Morning sun melt leaves behind
scattered twigs debris.


Celebration book.
Another editing job;
Poems for the King.

From time to time my poetry group produces a booklet of poetry by members. Although we are not a writing group as such, more of a poetry appreciation group, some members do also write and if they have something that fits the chosen topic for the meeting then they are welcome to read their own work. When we produce poetry booklets some of the members who consider themselves as 'non-writers' also rise to the occasion and make the effort to come up with something for inclusion. We print enough for our membership and a few extra to sell to family, friends and other interested persons.

The most recent booklet of our own poetry was for the late Queen's Jubilee last year, with a print run of 40 copies - all gone! The member who usually edited our booklets (a former professional magazine editor) is no longer able to do so and cannot come to meetings anymore so I volunteered to take it on; having edited a now defunct sailing association magazine for many years I have the necessary skills and no-one else wanted the job!

Now we have a new King, who is due to be crowned in May, so one of our members came up with the idea that we should produce another booklet to celebrate the coronation, even though it is so soon after our last booklet. Once more I am required to put on my editors cap and also come up with a couple of poems for inclusion myself. I'm going to have a busy couple of months!

Nest Building

Beak filled with strings of
grass and clumps of fresh green moss;
nest building blackbird.


Feast for a pigeon,
down by the crab-apple tree.
Ripe ivy berries.

New Craft

No time for small stones.
Busy practising quilling;
new craft for this year!


Slow thaw now complete.
No sign of snow anywhere.
I drive into town.

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