Despite the sunshine
chill wind blows round the corner.
I pull my coat tight.


Dismal Day

Dull and dismal day.
Grey clouds chased by wind and rain.
Postman brings bad news.


Red Spotted Toadstools


In woodland glades
red-spotted toadstools appear.
October colours.

Final Burst

Summer’s final burst;
staged display of warm sunshine.
Frost awaits its cue.

Rain Dance

Brown and scorched the grass,
relentless the heat and drought.
Time for a rain dance.


Golden buttercups,
shining like miniature suns;
bright spots in my lawn.


A few days away
and cherry blossom gone,
but look — cherries form.

I refill
the bird feeders.
Rare visitor flies in.


Heady fragrances;
new-mown grass and oil seed rape.
Sneezing – A-ti-shoo!


beckons on a dismal day —
smell of baking bread.

Icy Wind

An icy wind howls
and threatens to freeze my bones.
Pale sunshine brings hope.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I have been down at our boat since last Saturday, arriving there in snow and freezing conditions. There is always an unreliable Internet connection in the marina but this time it was worse than usual and I haven’t been able to get connected since Sunday. I wrote the above intending to post it on Wednesday. We arrived back home yesterday evening so I am sharing it now even though, thankfully, the snow has gone, the wind has dropped and it is a bit warmer once more.

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