the garden.
Thankfully hosepipe ban
not in my area

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We have had some rain recently, for which we are thankful, but by no means enough and the threat of a hosepipe ban has not gone away! I am trying not to be too wasteful with the water and only watering the necessary areas - vegetables, fruit trees and bushes and the flower borders. The lawn area has greened up nicely with the rain that we have had but I never water that anyway - grass has great powers of recovery after drought.

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  1. Jules
    Aug 05, 2022 @ 16:22:32

    When I lived in Indiana – we had a serious drought. No lawn watering. And you were encouraged to reuse your washing machine water to wash your car.

    I’ve been reading up on rain barrels. But my hubby doesn’t want one near the house. Which if not set on some kind of foundation could cause too much weight, especially if it cracked or leaked. There is also the issue of attracting animals and bugs. Though collecting rainwater from spouts seems to be an economical way.

    Though that water would only be good for outside watering. I had read once where and off the grid home had two huge cisterns to collect rain water, but they also had some kind of water treatment to use for bathing and cooking.

    For a while I did try using the creek water for my gardens. But it isn’t that easy to access even with a string and a bucket, and the bugs ate me to bits.


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