Mask Free

First mask free day.
Maybe a quarter of folk
still covered - including me!
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It is now no longer mandatory in England to wear a face covering, despite the still high daily COVID infection rate. Actually yesterday was first mask free day but other than going for a bike ride, when masks were not necessary anyway, I didn’t go out among people. Whilst I acknowledge we need to learn to live with this disease I feel that it is still too early to go maskless. I am happy to walk along the road without a mask, avoiding close contact, but I prefer to put it on to enter shops, and I also use the sanitizer. However, mask wearing is still ‘recommended’ in crowded places and some major stores are still insisting on masks, but many are allowing customers to please themselves.

Out shopping today my local shops still have signs up but do not enforce it, leaving the choice to the customer. It seems that I, although not entirely alone, am in the minority! I wonder how many of my co-mask-wearers will be intimidated into doing without soon, not wishing to go against the idea that if the majority think its okay it must be okay – this is easily done, even I felt that I stood out like a sore thumb and that maskless people looked at me as if I was an idiot. How much worse will it be when there are even fewer of us wearing them?


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  1. Jules
    Jan 28, 2022 @ 14:53:06

    Since one cannot ask if another has been vaccinated – we cannot tell who is ‘safe’ and who is not. It seems to me a rather large amount of younger (30 and under) feel they do not need the free vaccine. The vaccine helps if you do get Covid to reduce the stress of healing on your body. It is not a cure. Just like the annual Flu shots are an ease if you get the flu. Will Covid shots become annual?

    A mask only protects others from you. Caution is key. And I have never paid mind to the majority. Especially if I think ‘they’ are wrong. No non-mask wearer is going to make me feel guilty for wearing a mask.

    The counts of this illness and its variants are still going up in some locations, and only slightly down in others. We are not quite 2 years into the possible 3 year cycle of the ‘first’ Covid. And if we have to start that cycle again with the new strains we are far from ‘done’ (Less than 6 months for the newest strain I think).

    I will not let either fear mongers or those who believe they are immune dictate my choices. I think some of the politicians have been pressured into relaxing cautions Keep yourself as safe as you wish do not let the majority question your choices.


  2. Libby
    Jan 31, 2022 @ 14:16:00

    I’m with you on this Jules. Way too early to ease up fully. We have a high vaccine take up here but there are still many unvaccinated and many who cannot have the vaccine for one reason or another who still need protection. Whether or not to have the vaccination, of course, should be down to informed choice but at the end of the day we each have to do what we believe to be the right course of action and not be swayed by others who may believe differently.


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