Saddle Troubles

As many of you know, my husband loves to restore classic bicycles. We have several of them between us and use them for classic cycling events. He occasionally helps out at a local bike charity where they know of his interest, so if they get a classic bike in that is too good to scrap but they haven’t got the time or skill to do the necessary work hubby receives a phone call and more often than not, if it looks like coming good, he negotiates a fair price and brings the bike home to restore. Sometimes he even sells one on if it doesn’t suit either of us; perhaps it is too big or too small, or maybe he has just found a better one.

In November he picked up two rare, quality bikes from the charity. One, a Mercian, didn’t need a great deal of restoration and he has kept for himself. The other was just a frame in need of rather more attention but it was a small, well made, lightweight racing bike, an A.C.S. Paramount, which he thought would do for me. He has since restored it and presented it to me as part of my Christmas present.

Ready to ride

Ready to ride

If I’m honest I didn’t really want yet another bike, but it does look rather nice. However, due to the weather I hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out in the days after Christmas as it only has skinny road racing tyres, but I managed to get out on it for the first time last Sunday. We did just under 16 miles and I have to say it is a lovely bike to ride (yes, he has managed to fit some lightweight mudguards!) but the nice looking suede saddle hubby had fitted left a lot to be desired in the comfort department.

Back home he offered to swap the saddle for a new one he had bought for himself, tried and found didn’t suit him. He thought it might suit me better. I agreed to give it a try so on Monday out we went again for a 14 mile jaunt. I have to say the saddle was an improvement but I will need to try it again a few times to be sure as I was still a little sore in the nether regions from the day before!

I don’t suppose it will be bliss – in my experience there is no such thing as a really comfortable bicycle saddle. The best one I have is on the touring tandem, but then you really do need a comfortable saddle for touring. All my others are uncomfortable to some degree, depending on the length of the ride; you just learn to put up with it.

Buying saddles is also fraught with problems as you don’t know whether or not a saddle will do until you try it and you could end up buying several before you find one you like! I have thought of wearing padded underwear under my padded shorts/tights but am a bit worried that my ‘bum will look big’. Oh, the joys (and the vanity) of cycling!

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  1. Jules
    Jan 20, 2021 @ 19:59:09

    Penned just for you:

    ‘Bum’ Choices?

    To sit
    Comfortably or not
    Saddled with to many


    Bum in American slang = It can also be a vagrant or hobo, as well as a verb for lazing (bumming) around. … A false accusation is a bum rap.


  2. Uncool Cycling Club
    Jan 21, 2021 @ 08:32:23

    Definitely feel your pain with regards to the saddle. I have finally settled for an Infinite Comfort System saddle. I have one on each of my 3 bikes 😎


    • Libby
      Jan 21, 2021 @ 15:58:47

      Oh, haven’t heard of that – maybe not available in the UK. Might check it out. Brookes saddles are reputedly very comfortable, but they are also very expensive and take a while to ‘run in’. 🙂


  3. elaine patricia
    Jan 21, 2021 @ 11:12:21

    Ride slow then nobody will follow you long enough to look at your bum 😉


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