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  1. Ellen Grace Olinger
    Jan 01, 2021 @ 11:59:34

    Happy New Year


  2. ladysighs
    Jan 01, 2021 @ 13:12:38

    Your picture worth a thousand words.
    That fancy 0 tells me we might be in for a spin. Hopefully all good.


  3. Jules
    Jan 01, 2021 @ 13:42:09

    For the first time in many years we actually stayed up until midnight.
    Perhaps like many others we wanted to make sure last year actually left…

    Blessings to all. Stay safe, healthy and sane!


    • Libby
      Jan 04, 2021 @ 12:46:45

      We stayed up too, as we usually just about manage. 2020 may have gone but I’m not sure 2021 is much better so far – but at least hope for better things is on the horizon! Stay safe and well.


      • Jules
        Jan 04, 2021 @ 14:14:03

        Hope on the horizon. That’s what we have to hang onto. I think though that many expect the return to what was to be quicker than it will be.

        Some things, I think will never return to what they were. Too many business closed up that won’t be reopening. Some retired earlier than intended and others are blessed with other people who give what they can.

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