Running Ragged

I always seem to get stressed out on the run up to Christmas and this year is no exception, in fact Christmas seems to be catching up on me even quicker than usual. I have been so busy lately I have hardly made a start on the preparations.

What I intended to write about today has gone out of the window. I got very little sleep last night for some reason and I have spent most of today trying to do some Christmas shopping. Not without some success of course, I have managed to buy a fair few of the gifts that need to be posted but there are still some outstanding and I haven’t started on the ones for the family members that I will see over the Christmas period, nor all the little extras – stocking fillers, tree presents etc. – that go towards the fun of the day.

Apart from that I have not even thought about decorating the house and setting up the Christmas tree yet and I shall need to give the house a thorough clean first of course. I have not written any Christmas cards, I haven’t made even my first batch of mince pies this year and I have not yet made my Christmas cake. In a weak moment while shopping this morning I did contemplate buying the cake (I have done on a few occasions in the past) but I do prefer home-made and I have already bought the ingredients so it would be a bit of a waste if I just buy one. The recipe I am using requires some of the ingredients to soak overnight so my plan now is to do that preparation this evening and then I will have to make the cake tomorrow afternoon when I get home from my Spanish class.

Talking of which, this week it is my turn to provide the activities and refreshments for the group (we take it in turns) and the preparation for this occupied my weekend. I have an article for them to read and translate about Spanish Christmas customs and then we shall have a fun game about Christmas Carols and songs – at least I hope it will be fun. Each member of the group will draw a piece of paper from a Christmas stocking and must describe in Spanish the carol or song written on the paper without giving the title away and the others must try to guess what it is.

Other intrusions into my Christmas preparation time include a visit to the dentist this week and then, much more enjoyably two Christmas parties – one for the Spanish group and one for my poetry group. Then it is the final run up to the big day and at last a chance to relax as my son and his family are hosting at their house. Then they all come to us to do it all again on Boxing Day, but by then I should be ready.


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  1. Jules
    Dec 10, 2018 @ 17:40:54

    I’ve been to one and hosted one party… Years end is always a busy time.
    I though shop all year round, and end up just having to walk to my storage closet to select gifts 😉

    We are extravagant in the gift giving department. Mostly for the children – I have added my son’s great nieces to my children’s list. Mostly books – and just some little treasures.

    Since we celebrate several winter holidays – we tend to keep low key on decorations too. And we never do quite know until the last minutes sometimes where we will end up. I think our New Year plans are well just about nothing – as the one couple we often spend it with will be out of town. So we might not even watch the ‘ball drop’ or count down to the new year. There have been a few years where we’ve retired early, this one may be similar.

    Best to you and yours this in this season. Relax – what gets done does, and what doesn’t, doesn’t – still remember to have fun. 🙂


    • Libby
      Dec 10, 2018 @ 20:37:36

      Like you I include small gifts for great nieces and nephews – these are amongst those that need posting. I’ve tried buying earlier as you suggest but usually forget what I’ve got and where I put it! I need to get more organised about it. New Year is usually spent just the two of us at home, but we just about manage to stay up and watch the New Year in. I take a break from the Internet over the holiday season so this week will be my last until after New Year’s Day and don’t worry I’ll be sure to find time to relax! Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas season too 🙂


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