National Bike Week

This is National Bike Week, from 9th -17th June (I make that more than a week, but I guess it is to encompass both weekends). There are many activities going on up and down the country to get people out on their bikes though sadly not much in my area.

However Cycling UK, of which my husband and I are members, are running a ‘7 Days of Cycling’ ( challenge and we have decided to participate in this. The idea is that you ride your bike on each of seven days and the trips don’t have to be heroic, it could just be a short ride to the shops or to visit a friend. You are then requested to post pictures of your rides on social media – Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Since I only do Facebook that is where mine go.

Bikes with Copmere through the trees

At Copmere (through the trees!)

Day 1 (Saturday) we just did a short ‘warm-up’ ride of 5 miles, round what we call the Pershall Loop which takes us via a local lake, Copmere. You can just about see the water through the trees in the photo of my hubby and our bikes. These are our modern road bikes and as you can see from the need for arm warmers it was a bit chilly first thing in the morning when we went out!

Day 2 (yesterday) saw us decide to go to find some better water to photograph and took us to Bromley Reservoir. This time we decided to go out on our tandem. We have only visited this spot way out in the countryside once before. Although it is only a 17 mile round trip you will see from the photo that it was necessary to take a map – those country lanes are not always signposted. (The trouble with sitting on the back seat of the tandem is that my view is somewhat restricted as you can see in the photo!) There is an old water-mill on the opposite side of the road past the reservoir and the water  runs through a ‘race’ under the road.

Tandem at Bromley Reservoir

Tandem at Bromley Reservoir

Stoker's View

Stoker’s View!








Day 3 (today) – no special scenery today, just a 10 mile jolly round the lanes. We are doing the Eroica Britannia at the weekend, a festival for classic road-racing bikes (of which more next week) so we went out on classic bikes today. My husband rode my old Motobecane, which is not the bike he will use for the Eroica  but which he has adopted, and I rode my Henry Burton, which I will be using, in order to check it out. As the photo shows it was a good job I had my personal mechanic with me as minor adjustments to the gear change mechanism were needed – mind you I’m not sure it is a lot better now. It ‘jumps’ in and out of gear in top gear, which means I try to use that gear as little as possible. I’m just glad it isn’t bottom gear! Once home again we also decided I needed new break blocks so a trip to a local bike shop was then in order – hopefully I will now be able to stop when necessary.

Running Repairs

Personal Mechanic at work!

Henry Burton and Me

Henry Burton and Me









We are not planning to do very great distances for any of our rides this week, yesterday’s 17 miles will probably be our maximum, as we want to be sure we have sufficient energy for the ride out in the hilly Derbyshire countryside at the Eroica – this three-day festival will be a fitting end to our 7 days of cycling challenge, bringing our total to 9 days by my reckoning.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jules
    Jun 11, 2018 @ 15:36:52

    Good luck on your weekend race. You remind me I need to check the air in my tires… If I can secure a bike lock… I might take it to the library – only a 3 mile round trip…maybe slightly more through the neighborhood if I circle a block or two 🙂
    That is if it ever stops raining here 😉


    • Libby
      Jun 12, 2018 @ 14:46:44

      Sadly it is essential to lock bikes these days if leaving them. Our ride at the weekend isn’t strictly a race, just a challenge, you can amble round at your own pace – it’s looking like it might rain though!


      • Jules
        Jun 12, 2018 @ 17:07:35

        Able about is about all I can do on a bike.
        I miss my old three speed… I think the one I have now has 20 or 30 and I’m still not quiet comfortable on the seat.

  2. elaine patricia
    Jun 11, 2018 @ 21:04:25

    Good luck with all the pedalling 😀😉😉


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