‘Bertie’ Bike

Typical isn’t it? Very shortly after I had published last Monday’s post (which you can read here) my husband finished the refurbishing of my ‘new’ classic road-racing bike, an original locally built ‘Henry Burton’. So here, to remind you, are the before and after pictures:

Henry Burton Bike



Henry Burton Bike refurbished


As you can see the bike has had a re-spray. Various parts have also been replaced with era compatible components. (You can view the state of the bike when it arrived on my previous post here.) There have been a few teething problems with brakes and gears and some tweaking has taken place. I have taken it on a few very short test rides plus a first trial of about 9 miles and then yesterday a 35 mile ride. Unfortunately the gears are still not completely playing the game – there are only 5 (due to its age) but for some reason it absolutely refuses to go into 5th so at the moment effectively only has 4 gears! I’m pleased to say despite being the only lady amongst 10 men on the ride yesterday and despite my four gears to their (mostly) 16 options on their modern bikes I was able to keep up pretty well. The bike fits me well, has a nice light feel to it and is a joy to ride.

Hubby has had it up on the bike stand several times to try to solve the gear shift problem and all the gears appear to function smoothly but as soon as I get it out on the road 5th gear will just not shift. For the moment it has us puzzled but I expect it will get sorted eventually. Any bike mechanics out there with suggestions?

In case you are wondering, the red bow on the front is there because the bike is my birthday present and I was told to leave the bow in place until the day – it’s today (but I have still left it there)! I have also, you will have noticed, continued to call the bike ‘Bertie’ as the name seems to have stuck now.

Also of interest and something that I have not mentioned before, you may like to know that Henry Burton was a one-time racing cyclist (as was his son John). When he stopped racing Henry learned frame building from Ernie Clements, another ex-racing cyclist turned frame builder whom Henry worked for before setting up on his own. Our eldest son owns a lovely classic Ernie Clements bike which he has also refurbished – a very nice bike.





7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. julespaige
    Aug 28, 2017 @ 14:48:38

    Happy Birthday! Good luck with Bertie. I have enough troubles walking… I think I got my bike out once after my Hubby put air in the tires. Maybe as the weather cools I’ll go out again. But with so many gears and not quite the right fit I am not inclined to ride often.


    • Libby
      Aug 29, 2017 @ 13:52:35

      Thanks Jules. You’ll probably need more air again. You could try just finding a comfortable gear and leaving it in that one! (Somewhere in the middle?). No need to race, just enjoy it, Hubby can’t walk far due to dodgy knees but he can ride a bike so you may find it helps if you are having trouble walking, but having a bike that fits is a good idea.


  2. Pia
    Aug 28, 2017 @ 16:28:54

    Happy birthday!


  3. Renee Espriu
    Aug 28, 2017 @ 22:08:38

    Very nice. Job well done. Hope you enjoy your new ride!


    • Libby
      Aug 29, 2017 @ 13:48:51

      I’m loving it and will do even more once it is functioning properly. Hubby has now opted to buy a new chain as he thinks the old one is a bit stretched and worn and this might be causing the problem!


  4. Brenda Davis Harsham
    Sep 04, 2017 @ 15:38:12

    Wow, 35 miles. I am impressed.


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