Phone Message

I answer the phone;
A pre-recorded message…
press 1 for this… press 2 for that…
press 3… press 4… but
none of these apply
and there is no number to press
to speak to a real person!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Aug 04, 2017 @ 14:43:44

    I bet they claim they have great customer service too. Ha! ☺☺


  2. julespaige
    Aug 04, 2017 @ 19:57:50

    I got two spoofed calls while I was out running errands this morning.
    The caller ID says one thing but the attempted message says it was a credit card services (spam) or a Medical alert ad (spam).

    The one recording kept asking for a response but because they didn’t realize they had gotten an answering machine kept repeating; “I’m sorry I didn’t understand your reply…Don’t you have someone who wants our product?”

    I only answer numbers I know 100%. All others go to my answering machine. And I do not return calls to find out who or why. Especially when they leave messages that are false sales – they are just phishing for your information.


  3. elaine patricia
    Aug 05, 2017 @ 07:54:35

    Hold on and do nothing and a human responds. I have been told this works although I have never tried it. Best not to answer phones unless you know who it is.


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