Winter Woollies

By gum, the house is cold,
were we away so long?
We’re wearing winter woollies,
trying to get warm.
The sun is shining here and there,
through blue patches in the sky,
perhaps we’ll soon feel warm again;
at least the day is dry.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. journeyintopoetry
    Sep 04, 2015 @ 10:28:58

    Love the verse! And it s the same here too! I’ve put the heating on just now! 😊


    • Libby
      Sep 06, 2015 @ 11:15:33

      Not actually resorted to the central heating yet but we have had the fire alight in the evenings! Fortunately it is still warm when the sun shines though.


  2. julespaige
    Sep 04, 2015 @ 15:08:25

    Still in the 90’s (F) here. One night though it dipped to 56 F.
    Ways to go before winter…


    • Libby
      Sep 06, 2015 @ 11:14:09

      Winter seems just round the corner – cold nights, with the fire alight! We have had some daytime sun for the last day or so though, and it is warm when the sun shines. Local ‘Country Show’ yesterday (Saturday) and that was actually a good warm day.


      • julespaige
        Sep 06, 2015 @ 12:39:25

        I haven’t had to put on a sweater or a jumper in a long time… But that time is arriving. It was still 76 F at around 10 pm last night.

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