A few days ago I bought a new notebook. Not because I needed one, I already have several unused in stock! I bought this one because it jumped out at me – on the front cover were the words:

“Writing is thinking on paper.”


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Weekly Day
    Aug 12, 2015 @ 12:00:08

    I love paper and that quote. I can see why you purchased it 🙂


  2. journeyintopoetry
    Aug 12, 2015 @ 16:34:56

    Love it! 😊


  3. julespaige
    Aug 12, 2015 @ 19:18:44

    I love it when that happens…
    Just perfect!


  4. Libby
    Aug 13, 2015 @ 13:31:32

    Thanks all. I’m a sucker for notebooks – I buy one because I like it and then it seems a shame to spoil it by using it! it’s the same if someone gives me one as a present – I feel I have to save it for something special and then can’t decide what is special enough! I ought to only have boring notebooks then I wouldn’t mind using them.


  5. dragonscaleclippings
    Aug 13, 2015 @ 13:38:32

    oh yes! I like that!!!!


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