Random Words #2

“Wednesday, it’s always on a Wednesday,” Martin found himself thinking at the moment his tyre burst sending him veering off the road and onto the verge. He slammed on the brakes but was sure he had had his chips when a lamppost loomed ahead. He missed it by the merest smidgen before finally jolting to a halt with a thankful prayer to the universe. It hardly seemed possible that he was still alive but the fact that his stomach seemed to be full of jumping beans adequately convinced him that he was.

He staggered from the car, bitterly regretting the previous night’s pub razzmatazz. “What on earth induced me to take part in that stupid whelk eating competition?” was his next thought as he bent double and threw up on the grass. “Oh why did I shovel them in like there was no tomorrow?” he groaned as he contemplated his predicament.


The above tale is this week’s ‘Random Words’ exercise for one of the Writer’s Groups I attend. The words to be included were: Wednesday, chips, tyre, grass, shovel, whelk, razzmatazz, smidgen, martin, beans, possible, universe.

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  1. Helen Jane Merritt...Musings from a Random Mind
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 10:56:46

    Love it Libby, we have had a go at this at our writing group a while back but the most we had to use was five – they were guest, summer, tram-lines, squirrel and cabbage :/ What a challenge for you to include 12! Were you given a restricted word count?


    • Libby
      Aug 15, 2013 @ 14:36:10

      Approx 50 words, but no-one complains if it is less or more! (PS Sorry it took so long to respond – I have just found this in Spam!)


  2. julespaige
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 12:06:02

    I like how you used this list. But then I enjoy word list prompts. Martin as I see it has few or limited possiblities, as the name, and that of the bird.

    Hubby was on two fire-call accidents last eve. One a motorcycle…Which the driver had serious ingury but will recover and the other a fire started by a cigarette tossed out a car window set fire to the dry mulch in a median of the road. It all comes down to choices and some are not so smart.


    • Libby
      Aug 06, 2013 @ 14:19:26

      Yes, I did think of using Martin as a bird, funnily enough no-one else did either.

      Sorry to here about your hubby’s call-outs. Choices indeed!


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